cleaning services with full transparency, reliability and peace of mind

Driven by genuine care, eternal group services offers comprehensive cleaning solutions for the bespoke requirements of your premises.

cleaning services with full transparency, reliability and peace of mind

Driven by genuine care, eternal group services offers comprehensive cleaning solutions for the bespoke requirements of your premises.

our commitment lies in maintaining the cleanliness of your facility.

Over the decades, we have developed a range of cleaning services that provide organisations with cleaner, greener, safer and more hygienic spaces.

Headed by Bill Delimitros and with over 400 skilled and experienced cleaning staff, eternal group services ensures your facility is in excellent hands without any hassle.

Our highly trained team values quality service, integrity through the best cleaning practices and meaningful relationships with clients. You can rest assured that we are your long-term partner in offering quality cleaning solutions that can enhance
how your business looks and operates.

if you value a clean space, eternal group services is here for you

We are passionate about upholding cleaning best practices, and are dedicated to protecting your best interests.

Let us maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your facilities with versatile cleaning solutions and genuine care.

quality cleaning services that meet your expectations

At eternal group services, we strive to always provide quality service and an ideal client experience – every time.

Our team offers you the comprehensive cleaning solutions of a large corporate with the bespoke approach of a boutique cleaning business.

We tailor our services to your specific requirements because we believe that a clean, hygienically healthy space is conducive to business success.

contract cleaning

Our contract cleaning service saves you from the hassle and costs of dealing with permanent cleaning staff.

At eternal group services, we have an on-call and available team 24/7 to address the cleaning and hygiene requirements of your commercial business.

Our team of cleaning professionals are also equipped with sustainable products and powerful technology, so you can be confident that your site or facility is well taken care of.

green cleaning practices

At eternal group services, we acknowledge that every organisation has unique cleaning and hygiene requirements. This is why we engage in open communication and mutual respect to fully understand what your facility or site needs.

We give you easy access to washroom products, as well as specialised control cleaning and hygiene services from experts who can ensure the cleanliness of your premises.

Our top priority is providing you with healthy and hygienically clean environment.

garden maintenance

At eternal group services, you can rely on us to help you take care of your garden, in any season, all year round.

We have a team of garden specialists who can keep your outdoor space not only beautiful, but also maintained and safe.

Garden maintenance takes considerable time and energy. Our specialists can do it on your behalf so that your team can focus on what you do best. That way, you can enjoy the sight without the work.

handyman service

eternal group services is here to assist you with maintaining your property in every way possible.

This includes connecting you with our professional handymen who can help you accomplish a range of various tasks – from all kinds of restorations and repairs to installations, painting and more.

At eternal group services, we enable you to get the job done without the in-house costs of maintenance staff.

pest control

Pest control is a way to ensure that your commercial premises remain hygienically clean, pest-free and non-toxic.

Our team can organise licensed commercial pest professionals who work to minimise or eliminate unwanted pests, rodents or insects at any site.

At eternal group services, we help you manage all pest control services as our goal is to always protect the cleanliness and safety of your facilities. 


eternal group services enables you to upkeep the entirety of your site or facility – not just indoors, but also outdoors too.

With our comprehensive landscaping services we offer, you can enhance the appearance and function of your external spaces to create the ideal setting.

Our landscaping service provides a clean, aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained outdoor space that you can be proud of.

waste removal

eternal group services is your partner in achieving a cleaner, better and greener environment.

That’s why we offer waste management solutions that can help you effectively deal with waste and recycling.

Our team can assist you in the efficient, sustainable and safe disposal of waste.

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