cleaning Australia’s spaces for close to three decades

The story behind eternal group services and our dedication to deliver specialised and professional cleaning solutions.

cleaning Australia’s spaces for close to three decades

The story behind eternal group services and our dedication to deliver specialised and professional cleaning solutions.

committed to delivering the highest standards of cleanliness

Since 1996, eternal group services has been helping Australian organisations across multiple industries maintain healthy and hygienic spaces for the safety and comfort of their occupants.

Established by Nick, Irene and Bill Delimitros, our company has built an excellent reputation for cleaning service quality, efficiency and work integrity.

eternal group services has always been at your service for all cleaning needs

In partnership with Peter Smith, Nick first established a company called Eternal Cleaning Services that then catered to many businesses in Sydney such as:

  • St Patrick’s College, Strathfield
  • Commonwealth Bank branches
  • Ambulance Service of NSW stations and many more.

Even after his business partner sadly passed away, Nick never once thought that he should stop creating clean, healthy and hygienic spaces. He founded eternal group services with his wife and son (Bill) to continue the cleaning legacy.

delivering bespoke cleaning services – today and onwards

In mid-2014, Bill and his wife Debbie took charge of the business.

Today, they lead eternal group services with a genuine and personalised approached to corporate cleaning.

With a proud legacy as a contract cleaning company, our clients can rest assured that, at eternal group services, we clearly communicate and coordinate everything in a non-hassle way to fulfil all of your cleaning and hygiene requirements.

our expert Sydney cleaning team

At eternal group services, we have a dependable team of cleaning service experts who manage your site and help you create clean spaces without any frustrations.

We apply our skills and expertise not only to make a difference and be recognised, but to also make cleaning a simple and stress-free experience for your organisation.

industry accreditations

eternal group services aims to consistently be one of the most trusted, sought-after and respected commercial cleaning service providers in Australia.

In 2022, we were nominated for 11 awards at the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia –  Australian Super Excellence Awards.

eternal group services has also received the highest standards of certifications and accreditations by passing every internal and external audit annually with no non-compliance issues raised.

As always, we maintain the integrity and quality
that we at eternal group services are known for.

if you value a clean space, eternal group services is here for you

We are passionate about upholding cleaning best practices, and are dedicated to protecting your best interests.

Let us maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your facilities with versatile cleaning solutions and genuine care.

sustainability is our responsibility

Environmental conscience is at the forefront of our organisation. So, in everything we do and in every service we deliver, trust that we respect and protect our environment.

green cleaning practices

Our unique green cleaning practices are a combination of safety, economic, equipment and procedural components to enhance and protect ecosystems, improve air and water quality, reduce business’ operating costs, as well as boost employee productivity and satisfaction.

These include the use of GECA certified products, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, micro-fibre cloths and mops and recycled containers, buckets, carts and mats.

green cleaning work practices

At eternal group services, we also employ a number of sustainable green work practices in relation to our cleaning services.

Our team optimises iAuditor, an inspection checklist spp that enables staff to conduct an audit to ensure all tasks are completed. We also use sinepro, an online application that gives us more visibility over our workforce.

eternal group services also have a standardised performance management database, scheduled quality control inspections, employee training and workload planning.

green cleaning machinery

eternal group services utilises energy efficient equipment to support better environmental management, green cleaning and sustainability practise.