frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

How frequently does my office/workplace need cleaning?

Every office is different. It all depends on how big it is, the number of people working there and how busy you are. You may need your office space, workplace, or classrooms cleaned every day or you may only need them cleaned twice a week. We will go through your needs and tailor a cleaning schedule most suitable for your business and your budget.

Will the cleaning affect the operations of my business?


Cleaner working environment = happier & healthier staff, team, teachers and students !

How experienced are the cleaners?

All of our cleaners are experienced and well trained with strict codes and standards to ensure our customers are provided with first-class service in all areas of work. We employ honest, reliable and motivated individuals, all of whom have to meet our induction training requirements and also trained in OH&S. Eternal Cleaning Services is a Certified Cleaning Contractor Licence Holder, meaning we have been certified by the Australian Cleaning Contractors Association Inc.

What are your hourly rates?

Every job is unique and the cost will vary on your specific requirements. We will provide you with an obligation-free quotation based on what your needs.

Do you offer specialised cleaning?

In additional to being specialist cleaners in the educational, commercial and industrial, retail, and domestic sectors, our specialised services include carpet steam cleaning, ( water damage), high pressure cleaning, high and low rise window cleaning, gutter cleaning, graffiti removal, hard floor re-surfacing, excess rubbish removal and chewing gum removal.

We recommend some of these specialised cleaning tasks be taken care of during your annual close down / semester holidays if in the educational sector to cause minimal disruption to your staff and clients.

What if we close down for a period of time during the year? Will we still be charged if we do not require cleaners?

The majority of our customers close down throughout the year. We do take these closures into account when providing you with our quotation and scope of works.

Are you covered by insurance?

We are covered by Public Liability and Workers Compensation. If you need more information on our insurances or wish to site a Certificate of Currency, contact us.

What accreditations and certifications does Eternal Cleaning hold?

Eternal Cleaning Services is a Certified Cleaning Contractor Licence Holder, meaning we have been certified by the Australian Cleaning Contractors Association Inc.

Eternal Cleaning Services is accredited under AS / NZS – 4801 – Health and Safety Management Standard ISO 9001 – Quality Management Standard and ISO – 14001 – Environmental Management Standard

Do you have an Occupational Health and Safety System in place?

Eternal Cleaning Services is accredited under AS / NZS – 4801 – Health and Safety Management Standard. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all of our employees, customers, suppliers and contractors.

We have a proven track record which demonstrates our ability to improve working environments, increase productivity and reduce cleaning costs without compromising on safety or hygiene

Our Occupational Health Safety and Injury Management System seeks to ensure compliance with the relevant legislative requirements, regulations, codes of practice, setting of best practice standards and cost effective management of work systems in the organisation

More information on our OH&S please contact us.

How committed is Eternal Cleaning to the environment ?

As part of our commitment to quality cleaning it is our policy to ensure we are up to date with new equipment and cleaning product releases so that the correct equipment and products are being used for each job site.

Eternal Cleaning Services is accredited under ISO-14001 – Environmental Management Standard ensuring we adhere to cleaning products protocols which have the least impact on the environment and workplace as well as using equipment which has the least impact on the environment and assisting to reduce our carbon footprint.

More information on Eternal Cleaning’s Environmental Management Plan and commitment to protecting the environment please contact us.

Can I get my Hygiene / Washroom Products from Eternal Cleaning ?

Yes, we provide Hygiene and Washroom Products.

Our Washroom Products include toilet tissue, hand towels, liquid hand soap and deb foam soap.

Our Hygiene Services include sanitary units, automatic air freshener dispensers, and air freshener re-fills ( cans )

Will I be allocated an account manager who specifically looks after my organisation and I can contact to discuss my requirements ?

You will be provided with your own dedicated Cleaning Supervisor. All contracts are assigned a Supervisor who is responsible for the overall co-ordination of the project and are directly answerable to the Eternal Cleaning General Manager on all aspects of the work completed and as well as the final outcome of the job

How and who do we contact in case of any emergency?

We are available for emergency cleaning 24/7. Contact our office on 1300 651 849 or Bill on 0414 365 886. Or, via email,